Sunday, January 18, 2009

what to pack: part 2

In part 1, we covered clothes...this post will talk about other stuff like toileteries and medicines etc.

the list:
six Soaps (you might actually come here and change to shower gel !)
2 Deo Sprays (really need this for summer when it perspires like hell and in winter when you might not be able to have a shower everyday becoz you dont wanna freeze early in the morning)
3 Tooth Brushes (Assuming you use one brush for 2-3 months)
3 Tooth Pastes
3 Shampoos
Coconut Oil (Hair Gel/bryl cream?)
Shaving Cream     Shaving Brushes
1 Dozen Blades/Cartriges
Nail Cutter
Face wash
small Mirror
Lip Guard (In winter your lips will break up like crazy)
SunScreen Lotion (dont get SPF15 sunscreen because its useless...get spf30 only)
Room Freshner
Detergents (Washing powder alone should be fine...because you are most likely to be using a machine)

next on the list is medicines...
you must visit your family doctor and get a prescription of medicines that you take (If you have any chronic illness or breathing problem or other ailments). you can also take tablets or syrups for common ailments like cold, cough, indigestion etc as per your requirement (duration of your stay, how susceptible you are to getting ill etc). remember at all times that its wise to get a prescription for all the medicines that you bring. you could also consider bringing some thing like a first aid kit. now what about documentation?
make multiple photo copies of the following documents and take them along with the originals. Also, leave 2 sets of all the photocopies of documents with your parents back home (Actually, it is better if these documents where attested by a notary public)

10th mark sheet

12th mark sheet

degree mark sheet (consolidated and individual)

degree certificate


visa page/ visa letter

bank loan letter

certificates of participation in any extra curricular activities

certificates for any training or courses you have completed

driving license if you have one

voter id card (remember that the passport is the main document to prove ones identity and nationality...but a voter id card can be considered to be the second most strongest evidence to prove your nationality)

half a dozen passport size and stamp size photos

have you done any projects/thesis in your undergraduation? take will know the importance of these at a later stage.

IELTS mark sheet

university offer letter


Birth certificate

Kitchen Items...electronic items and other things in the next post.