Saturday, January 24, 2009

what to pack: part 3

Firstly the kitchen items...

2 plates (Microwaveable preferred)
2 microwaveable ceramic Tumblers/Glasses
1 electric cooker
few multi utility Containers for Storing stuff
1 Knive
1 vegetable skin peeler
Forks and Spoons   
Non Stick Pan
Small Sized Utensils (as per your requirement)
Cups/ Coffee Mugs (you should probably get this after getting get a lot of different types )
instant    Noodle Packets (Its safer to bring this ... trust me !  )

next lets move on to electronic stuff...

Laptop (where to get and what configuration can you get? refer to seperate article on this topic)
Mobile Phone (Is yours Tri band?)
MP3 players/ipod
MP3 DVD’s (your preference ...or you can have it in your laptop or listen from the web !)   
rechargable batteries with charger
Alarm Clock (you really really need this ! youve got to get up in the morning and run to the uni !)   

Cooling Glasses (If you think you need it)
Software CD’s (back up your data and get it on cds or dvds)


Staplers with Pins
Pens and Pencils (half a a mix of blue and black pens)
1 Paper Pack
Bell Pins
highlighter (you might have to underline lots of points in your lecture notes !)
cello tape
any other stationary item you may use.