Saturday, January 17, 2009

what to pack: part 1

A friend's friend has been constantly emailing asking what Items he could carry. he did say that he was happy to buy and pack things to customize his preferences but he did require some sort of a guideline. why not share it with everyone following this blog?
here we go....
for most of these, the assumption is that you would need five sets of clothing for the weekdays and you can wear what ever you want in the weekend. however, there is always a possibility that you wear the same jeans for a couple of days ;) its wise to carry more than less and then suffer later.

Jeans                                 8  Sets
T - Shirts (Half)                 10  Sets
T - Shirts (Full)                  3 Sets (If you are in the habit of wearing !)
Formal Wear                     3  Sets
(What if you get a part time job as a sales rep or in a hotel as a waiter? this requires formal clothing...also, when you finish your course, you need to meet potential recruiters in formals)
Suits like Raymonds        1  Set
(for graduation !)
Under Garments              10 Sets
Shorts                               5 Sets (you can actually get a 3/4th instead of shorts and you can get stuff which you can detach and make it shorts or attach and make it casual cotton pants)
Formal Tie        2 Numbers
Belts        2 Numbers
Hangers     1 Dozen (if you have your own wardrobe, you can hang all the stuff neatly in an organized manner)

other clothing:
Thermal Wear                     2 Sets
Woolen Sweater/Gloves     2 Sets
Woolen Caps                      2 Numbers
Socks                                  1 Dozen (half of sport and half formal )
Shoe Polish                        1 Numbers + 1 Brush (I would say its better to get neutral color polish)

HandKerchief                       1 Dozen
Formal Shoes                      1 Pair
Sports Shoes                       1 Pair
Foot wear - Normal              1 Pair
Bath Towels                         3 Numbers
Small Hand Towels             3 Numbers
Pillow Covers                      2 Numbers
Bed Sheets                         2 Numbers
Inflattable Pillow                 1 Number
BackPack for College        2 Numbers
Umbrella                            1 Number
Locks with Many Keys       2 Numbers
Keychains                           2 Numbers
Torches                              1 Number

remaining items in the next article on what to pack ...