Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Part time job Resume: Essential Tips

This is a short post to summarize the Do's and Dont's on your resume which you write to apply for your part time job in australia. this might actually be the first ever job for many of you out there.

you could start your resume mentioning your name. then mention your key strenghts. are you flexible?
do you have the capacity to learn new things easily?
can you work on your own without much supervision?

next, talk about your work availability. when can you work?
what days?
what times?
public holidays?
(you must choose after carefully inspecting your university time schedule and ensuring there is no clash between the two.)

mention your date of birth. this is very important because the employer needs to know if they are employing a minor or major. the pay rates are different for a minor when compared to a major.

visa status has to be definitely on your resume. you must clearly communicate to your possible employer that you are on a student visa and it entitles you to work upto a maximum of 20 hours a week and not more (unless your academic course is not in session. refere to the department of immigration web site for further updated details.)

what about previous experience? if you are applying for a job which you have already done in the past or have some experience in the past, then please mention it. even if it is for a very short time, having previous experience is a big plus point for you.

It is also mandatory that you give the contact details of two referees in australia. you must provide name, phone and email, and designation (where your referee is employed?) and your relation to you.

there is one more thing that you need to understand and have in mind. while applying for a casual job, if you explicitly quote that you are doing a postgraduate course in Information technology, biotechnology, MBA or some thing similar, then it might not be a great idea to quote your degree. the notion could be that you are too qualified for petty jobs and so you might not be readily considered. you  must be wary of this and act as per your discretion as the situation demands.