Saturday, January 10, 2009

how to get a part time job in sydney? part 3

In this post, I would like to mention other offline job search strategies. this is the traditional brute force method. In this method, you might have to possibly print out hundreds of resumes and hand them over in person to shops/cafes/restaurants/ other retail outlets in various suburbs that you have easy access to (you must mention your visa status, date of birth, date and time available for work on your resume ). If you dont find a job for longer than expected, you must be willing to travel longer distances.

Ideally, if you studied at UTS, UNSW, or Sydney Uni you would want to limit yourself to shopping centres and plazas in the CBD and may be suburban areas till parramata. however, if you came to Macquarie, your preference would be to find work along the hornsby train line because of the frequency of train services.

Prominent shopping centres and plazas where you could try for casual jobs: (you must first visit each of these sites, look at the store directory, then determine which stores you would most likely fit in, then determine how to get to that centre, then go in person to each of these and hand over resumes)
(note: prominent westfield shopping centres are located in burwood, bondi junction, chatswood, hornsby, blacktown, parramatta)
the above are links to the most prominent shopping centres in sydney and checking these out is your best bet at finding yourself the perfect part time job.