Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Employment after studies


So............you have lived in Australia and have successfully received your University degree.It is a matter of great pride to hold a globally recognised degree.Now that academics are over,what next?Some students might choose to go back to their home country while some of them would want to stay back in Australia and gain work experience.This article is for those who aspire to stay on and start a career for themselves.

It is always better to start the job search when you are about to complete the degree.Only then can you overcome any mistakes that you may make during job application.By the time you complete the course and are fully ready to apply,you would be well versed with the procedures,what to do and what not to do.

Normally in Australia,jobs are applied online,either directly to the company or through online agencies such as www.seek.com.au or by meeting a representative in a job agency in person and handing over your cv to them.By doing so,the agency will update you about jobs that would suit your qualification and experience and you can attend an interview conducted by the company if interested.Agencies act as middlemen in job search,making your hunt a lot easier.It is always better to adopt all these methods while you apply since each one of them have their own advantages,the combined effort of which would help you find a job.

Some of the agencies,with whom you can leave your cv and have a personal chat are,
Kelly Scientific
3S solutions
Hays Pharma
Recruitment solutions
Clinical One
Science people etc.

Some of the websites where you can look for a job are:
seek,careerone,nowhiring,jobsjobsjobs,Kelly Life Sciences etc.
You can register with these online job agencies by giving details about your qualifications,previous employment,visa status,whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time job(in your related field) etc.Once you have registered,you will be constantly updated about job vacancies.

Even your University career centre will help you with finding jobs,writing effective cover letters and resumes,interview tips etc.

Employers in Australia would want you to attach a covering letter along with your cv.Your cv must contain the job reference number(if given),a brief description of your qualifications and work experiences,your skills and strengths and brief explanation as to why you would you fit that role.Your covering letter and cv must be simple,must state the truth about you,i.e,in short it must represent you.Remember that your cv must speak instead of you and it gives the employer a first hand impression about you.

Do include two or more professional references in your cv.Also,you must mention if you require sponsorship in your covering letter.If you get an interview call,make sure you reach the given destination on time.You have to be professionally dressed and must speak with confidence.These simple yet important aspects could lead you to get the job.It is also better to be flexible with the work specifications and salary.If you perform well and demand less,you will automatically given what you deserve.Once you are in the job,you have great heights to reach.

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