Saturday, December 13, 2008

what to bring and what not?

what to bring? what not to bring?

It is almost a challenge I would say, to plan, decide, and finally pack your luggage before coming to Australia. I say this because, one has to look into all aspects before a)baggage allowance of airline b)australian quarantine c)your needs and convenience.
so, first looking into your needs and convenience...

if you are a student and are going to be the only one coming to Australia, it is always advicable to limit your requirements to essentials like a)summer and winter clothing, b) basic utensils for cooking c)essential text books that may be required for your course (however, you must email and find out from your course co-ordinator as to what books may be needed) d)iron box e)stationary f)medicines if you need any g)laptop computer (Its a must !)

If you are accompanied by a member of your family or your family itself, you will need to carry more things. but even in this case, it is better to carry only essentials. so once you settle down into your new unit/ apartment, then you can start buying things that you feel may be required.

Next, looking at airline and baggage allowance… I am sure you must have purchased your ticket prior to packing procedures in which case, you should be aware of the airline you will be traveling in and also the baggage allowance given to you. It is advicable to stick to airline standards. Allowance is usually between 40-50 kgs for a single ticket to Australia. Any extra luggage will be charged extra money per kg.
Australian quarantine has one of the most stringent rules …this is the hard part. Even if you have managed to pack the required items within the given baggage allowance, your challenge would be to pack as per Australian quarantine regulations.

I am sure you have more questions to ask !
So here are the answers… faqs