Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Medical Services

The letter of offer and electronic conformation of enrolment that you will receive is a proof of your payment of fees.This includes payment of OverSaeas Health Cover(OSHC).

This is a very important aspect of your student life in Australia since you are not supposed to live here without health cover even for a single day.The OSHC that the University provides shall cover medical expenses.Say during you stay in Australia you fall sick due to some reason or if you need a blood test,OSHC will cover the expense for the treatment of your illness or medical test.This is means that you just have to produce your OSHC cover and the fees will be deducted directly from your OSHC account.But before this,you will have to apply for an OSHC card once you enrol into the course.You will have to submit an application with your details to the OSHC office which normally will be located near the International office.You will get the card by post within 7 working days.

For simple ailments you can visit a General Physician at The University Health Centre.Even general medical tests such as blood test and urine test can be done in the University Health Centre.

If you fall into a bigger problem,say in a asituation where you need an X-ray or scan or if you will have to undergo a minor surgery,University Health cannot provide such services.Hence,you will have to go to a hospital.In these cases,you will have to pay for the expenses incurred and submit the bills to OSHC along with your policy number.By doing so,either half or the entire amount will be refunded back to you,depending upon the nature of the problem.

But here is also a warning!OSHC does not cover expenses related to Optometry,dental problems,chiropractic,physio etc.Therefore,it is safe to care to see that you do not fall into these problems as far as possible.The reason why OSHC does not cover these expenses is because dental,optometric,physio and other treatments are very expensive in Australia.The fees you pay for OSHC is very less when compared to the expense that you would incur because of any of these treatments.It would run upto several hundred or thousand dollars!

Due to these reasons,it is advicable to get a general health check up done before leaving to Australia.If you have any major problem,get it checked and treated in your own country if you feel it would be cheaper in your home town.Also,if you are on medication,it is best to get it from home with doctor's prescription(this is a must if it must be allowed into Australia)since you would not know if you would get the same medicine in Australia.

As long as you stay in Australia,make sure you take care of yourself,make sure never to fall sick because if you ever did,you will have a bad experience.