Sunday, August 31, 2008

the overwhelming feeling

if you are born and brought up in say NY or tokyo or any other hi-tech city then you might not feel overwhelmed. however if you are from any other asian city chances are that you will feel really overwhelmed when you look at sydney city with the tall buildings and the harbour and the sophisticated people.

Also ...yet another important point is if you are from an english speaking nation or not!

the aussie accent is a little different and people at first might have to listen in a little more closely to understand the announcements made in the trains or even to the radio!
(this is only for a few days as you will get used to it subsequently...)

sydney city according to me is the most sophisticated of all the places in the whole of australia. the typical male office goer wearing a black tux or blue blazer with a cool tie, goggles, chewing gum, listening to music on a 160gig ipod, with hair spiked, stern face , no nonsense look !

melbourne is so much more relaxed ....with people atleast smiling or being a little polite than just hurrying away saying 'excuse me - excuse me'

sydney trains are all double deckered ones....while melbourne trains arent. trains are indeed the best way to travel no matter which uni you are going to. sydney uni is just walkable from redfern or central stations, while macquarie uni is cyclable from epping station. have a look at this cityrail map...u can zoom in using the controls ...

In a couple of weeks time, you will get absolutely used to the place...if you keep travelling to the uni, frequently take trains and also have a walk around the place where you reside to know the place better....!