Sunday, March 1, 2009

Job CV drafting service

Hundreds of students have written me emails saying they have applied for a tax file number and that they have the 20 hours work permit but are not able to find work anywhere. many have said that they are flexible enough to work later in the evenings/night shifts and are ready to do waitoring or other jobs involving manual labor, but are not able to get any work at all even after months of searching.

But what most of them dont realize is that getting a job also involves some costs in terms of investment. firstly, international students think that the CV that they have written is correct/ most appropriate. this is a misconception. for each job that you apply, you may have to make some changes. applying for a part time job or full time job in Australia may not be the same as in ones own country.

The resume that one submits is the first point of contact with the prospective employer and so if you get the CV right you are half way there already. so one must be willing to even pay a one time price to get their CV modified and suited to the job that one is interested in finding. many experienced CV writers charge upto 24.95$ per casual/part time job resume and 34.95$ for a full time job resume.

So, If you have applied to many many places for part time jobs and are not successful...then wonder no could be your CV !

good luck with your resume writing and job search !

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joshua said...

cool C.V. that buddy!! n thanks for the advice....