Sunday, February 1, 2009

Diversification of topics - feedback

Hello All,
This post has become necessary due to the overwhelming response that this blog has been getting recently. Thousands have visited the blog in the past couple of weeks with numbers increasing everyday.

A majority of them have asked me to implement changes ...people want this blog to diversify the topics covered. e.g: they want me to include topics like

1) doing another (a second) course
2) procedure to apply for a phd degree
3) how to apply for scholarships
4) how to make the most of studying in Australia
5) Paths to PR
6) useful tips to find casual work and full time work
7) how to save money while in university

and many more...

If you could kindly send your feedback letting me know if you would want to see the diversification of topics, it would be great. Also, I wish to bring to your notice that any other topic you would like to see on this blog will also be featured if you could make a request.

Thanks once again for your overwhelming response and support to the Student Life in Australia Blog.