Monday, January 26, 2009

Health Insurance: what they cover and what they dont

Your electronic confirmation of enrolment ...which is alternatively called ecoe is required for you to file your Australian student visa. If you have observed closely, it would have included your fees amount for the first term that you have paid and also the insurance amount. at this stage, you will only know that you have insurance cover but will not know anything about who your health insurance provider is. you can get a formal insurance card only after enrolment at the university.

this is what 99% of the students do. they enrol themselves, get the insurance card and get on with their other work. they never read through the insurance policy details. they never read the specifics. but when they encounter a medical problem and in the end realize that their insurance does not cover their treatment costs, then they realize their mistake. this post is to enlighten you about it.

The 4 companies providing OSHC are :
1) medibank
2) OSHC worldcare
3)BUPA Australia
4) AHM
The policy documents for the first 2 insurance providers are given below for you to read carefully and understand it well in order to prevent future problems.
World Care