Saturday, November 8, 2008

Part time job 1


Once you have enrolled into a program and started your course in Australia,it also becomes a part of your student life to work part time or on a casual basis .Only then can you manage your day to day expenses and other miscellaneous costs that might come up during your stay.
For students applying for a visa after the 26th of April 2008,you will not have a visa label stating your visa details on your passport.Instead,you will receive a printed copy of the same.Along with this,you will also be given a reference number.Using this number,you can verify the details online using a website named Visa Entitlement Verification Online(VEVO).For more information,you can visit the website, and select the 'VEVO for visa holders' link.You can also call (+61) 131 881 for an enquiry.Also,for students applying for visa after April 2008,you will automatically be granted permission to work along with your visa.Therefore,upon arrival to Australia,you need not have to obtain permission to work separately.This makes your work a lot easier!   

Youcan commence part time work only after you have enrolled into the course and classed have commenced.Normally students can work upto 20 hours a week,as enforced by the Australian Government,so as to accommodate academics and work spaciously.This part time job can be any job.It could either be related to your course or just a casual job as such,from being a waiter in a restaurant to a sales job.Since any job in Australia is considered a respectable one,you can choose to work anywhere as long as it is a comfortable job to you.
There are several websites which post part time and casual jobs for University students.Some of them are,

Also,in shopping centres and malls,you can find job vacancies posted outside many shops.You simply may enter into those shops which have such vacancies and drop your cv with them and they will get back to you,if you are selected.Remember that when you apply for such part time or casual jobs,your cv has to be very simple,tailored to suit the job that you are applying for.Your cv must have an outline of your educational qualification without too much details,details of work experiences in the relevant area if any(even if it was for a short period) and most importantly,references of Professionals or people known to you(not related)who can give a positive reference about you, if the employer wants to contact them.In Australia,be it even for a casual job,quoting two or more references is very essential since the employer gets an opinon about you based on the reference given by those whom you state in your cv.

In addition to face to face applying and applying through websites given above,another way to look for a job is by frequently visiting youe University website.The jobs portal will have many part time and casual job vacancies for which you can apply and work.This makes things a lot more easier for you since your work and study place will be the same.This will save travelling time and costs and you can balance both as per your convenience.

Having said this,I also wish to tell you that it is always better to have either your work place or your University close to your place of stay.Again,this will cut down travelling costs and time.In Australia it is very hard to save money and time and hence you will have to utilise both optimally to keep you going.Usually students manage to find a work place close to both their accommodation and University.So,what they do is leave in the morning,get to work and then go straight away from there to Uni or vice-versa.This I would say is the most wise thing to do,if you are lucky enough.If otherwise,make sure atleast either of them is close.

On the whole,you must make sure you are able to manage your academics and job without affecting one another,since this could cost you seriously.Also,make sure never to exceed the 20 hour work limitation.If so,this will mean a breach of visa condition which is a very serious offense in Australia.If caught,you could be punished very severely to an extent where your visa could be cancelled and you could be sent out of Australia.So,be very careful.What ever you earn within the 20 hours must be sufficient to maintain yourself.

Working as a student in Australia is a good experience.It gives exposure to Australian market and a chance to mingle to Aussies.It also boosts your confidence,improves communication and adds to your work experience.It gives a chance to feel proud that you can manage job,studies and other responsibilities on your own.Moreover,it also means the money you have earned out of your hard work an efort.Be it for your day to day expense or to watch a movie with freinds or shopping,you can proudly say its your money after all!